All our supplier are ethically committed to not having their products tested on laboratory animals. They respect the heath and welfare of our pet’s and customers. We are against any cruelty towards animals and rejects all animal abuse.


Our experience demonstrates that good food for your pet, means a good life ahead. A healthy immune system comes from good food. We have been involved in the health care of Animals for a number of years and have seen how animals health and wellbeing is requiring more medication. We bring to N. America a New line of Pet Products with a European source of ingredients.


We have chosen companies that demonstrate good ethics and product Supplies. Products containing GMO ingredients must be declared. We choose European products because of their exemplarity care to testing and product Safety. All sourced Ingredients are from Europe


Our supplier Brit Care petfood is made from only fresh raw materials from trusted European suppliers. All products are GMO Free. The lamb comes from New Zealand farms (BSE free, GMO free, and the lamb fed just with natural feed). Brit Care uses materials from entirely natural sources – no Synthetic or protein substitutes. The production is certified and operated under the ISO 9001 quality assurance system..