About Us

Let us introduce ourselves and what makes us different from any other pet food supplier in North America. We are “Free Radicals”, we seek producers that have ethics and morals in the products they produce. They are usually not large conglomerates that have multiple lines of products, and only look at the bottom end.

Some of our concerns come from the fact that N. America has become a chemical warehouse, and many of our foods have been modified (GMO), to aid in being bombarded with harmful glyphosates and chemicals. GM plants opened the toxic revolution, and we feed these poisons to our pets. Glyphosates is being banned in many European countries, but continues exponential growth in N.America, casting a wide systematic effect on mammals, from skin irritation, dermatitis., fungal infection, CKD and cancers etc. Why should your pet be subjected to your ignorance?

We at Free Radical have looked at many viable options. Our entry product to N.America is Brit, a Private European brand in business for 20 years, with GMO free ingredients. We with Brit, bring you the only healthy solution, products you have been seeking for your Fido and Tabby.

Delivery to your door makes it even simpler. Join the trend in keeping your companion animal healthy. It is your responsibility to keep your pet healthy. Our responsibility is to bring you the best product to make this possible. Our product will guarantee you healthy results.

Our Policy

Our policy is to make a healthy difference as pet’s health is our priority. This is achieved by using freshly prepared deboned chicken or salmon in premium and super premium recipes produced by Brit.

  • No use of soy
  • No risk ingredients
  • Free of GMO

FEDIAF is the body who regulate all pet foods in Europe. Europe has banned many chemicals being used in abundance throughout N. America, including GMO plants which are banned or subjected to extensive new product testing by the FEDIAF. Thus, we bring you a gateway to get products that are GMO free and without any risk ingredients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best food options with the different sourcing of ingredient than any other north American food suppliers. We make sure that all ingredients that are sourced should have a positive effect on the health of the animal.