Fructo-Oligosacchirides,Manan- Oligosaccharies,Yucca extract THAT POSITIVELY EFFECTS THE NUTRITIONAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE FOOD

• nutrition for positive intestinal microfl ora
• protect the intestines from diarrhoea-causing pathogens
• better digestion of calcium
• decrease the levels of LDL cholesterol

• protect the gut from pathogenic microfl ora
(aglutination process)
• modulate the intestinal microfl ora (very important)
• advance the health status of the intestine
• support specifi c immunity development

• odour control of excrements
• absorption of ammonia in the intestine
• protect the liver from ammonia toxicity
• protect haemoglobin from degradation


chondroitin, Chelates trace Minerals -Collagen, crustacean shell and green-leaved mussel, natural Source of Chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate, MSM for healthy joints and ligaments

Balanced ratio of Ca-P:
These substances are naturally occurring in cartilage. They help to
keep the joints, and help to restore damaged cartilages. Balanced
content and ratio of calcium and phosphorus contributes to proper
per bone development

Chelated trace elements (Zn, Cu):
organic selenium Chelates are atoms of certain trace elements “coated” with amino acids. This “coat” protects the trace element against degradation
on surface of the intestinal mucosa. It leads to very high digestibi-
lity of chelated trace elements. Chelated zinc improves the quality
of the skin and coat, copper positively infl uences blood production.
The organic form of selenium in combination with vitamin E
improves immunity and works as an “anti-aging factor

2% added salmon oil in each bag! Natural source of omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and shiny fur true prevention of heart disease.

Fruits and herb such as chamomile, clover, citrus, rosemary,
turmeric, apple and dried blueberries guarantee support for
the immune system in a natural way and contribute to a healthy digestion.Oats are an ancient grain that is rich in nutrients and fiber. Oats do not contain gluten.









Brit Care is a 100 % hypo-allergenic superpremium product line.
Lamb is very palatable and highly digestible source of protein.
Lamb has better amino acid profi le in comparison with poultry,
therefore it is much more digestible for dogs.
Salmon is a very highly digestible source of protein and contains
an optimal balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Salmon-
based food protects the vascular system against atherosclerosis.
Potatoes (processed using special technology for high digestibility)
are considered the most effi cient source of carbohydrates and are
a positively hypoallergenic component. Combination of salmon
and potatoes is very powerful in the management of food allergies
such as dermatitis (hot spots) and for dogs suffering with diabetes

In dogs, the amino acids in proteins are in a specifi c ratio. Brit
Care brings the same amino acid composition as necessary for
the good utilization of digested proteins. That is in turn maximizes
the potential for the creation of tissue in the dog‘s body from the
amino acids digested

Soya, beef, pork
Poorly digestible protein sources cause low utilisation of the food
and excessive stress on the intestinal tract. Allergic reactions may
occur with these proteins as well.
Wheat, corn
Wheat and corn due to their high content and composition of
proteins may cause food allergies.
Genetically modifi ed organisms and other negative substances
Brit Care is produced entirely using ingredients from natural