Nutrition and GMO plants why is it important

Nutrition deals with how your pet’s food relates to his health. It may begin when you acquire your puppy or kitten and how their intake of food and liquids, help it grow to a full size pet. A puppy growth is astonishing, during it’s 1st year it takes in nutrients that build it’s skeletal structure and muscle mass through it’s whole life. We often see larger dogs in their younger years, tearing tendons and breaking bones during normal play. These injuries last them their whole life. Other internal prevalent issues include: Renal disease, dermatitis, cancers, and osteoarthritis. How will the prescribed medicines react with the presence of glyphosates.
We are at a large cross road, when it comes to nutrient. We have a large world to feed, land for farming is becoming scarcer.
We have companies introducing new plants, genetically modified organism, known as GMO. Most of these plants have been created to absorb, pesticides and herbicides such as glyphosates without dying. These plants wont go away, in 2014 the US had 33 varieties of corn. These corns are not only grown for human consumption, to be eaten on the cob,. The largest percentage has been made for for energy filler in animal feed. There exists a variety of each plant to meet specific problems or conditions, drought, rootworm herbicide, etc In 2015 89% of the US corn acreage was a GMO based. The same applies for soy, the number of gmo species per product in the US ,is simply dizzy to the mind.
These plants are presumed to be nutritionally on par with it’s non GMO base product, but is this possible. In general GMO plants are engineered to be resistant to chemical toxins, such as glyphosates. When these toxins are sprayed, all surrounding plant is killed, but the fruitful plant, (vegetables) continuous to flourish. GMO plants
The typical US dog food would have 10 to 12 times the permitted concentration of glyphosates permitted for a human. (Which in itself, is three times the permitted in Europe for humans )
When corn and soy were deemed to cause allergies in your pet, was it actually the corn and soy, or was it to the herbicide it is sprayed with. Cattle are fed GMO corn, so eliminating the corn from your pet’s food source, does not alleviate it’s presence.
The US has become a testing ground for these plants and the toxins humans and animals are subjected to. Do you, or your pet, want to be part of this experiment?
More pets are developing Renal Disease, Cancer, osteoarthritis, and visiting vets more often then any human, visiting their doctor. We can clearly see that our best friends are being harmed by our experiment with glyphosates.
We at Free Radical believe that companies such as Monsanto have been funding studies to support their cause, camouflaging the actual results.
You now have the ability to choose a different source, of ingredients for your pet. We are a trail blazer in this field, We provide you with a line of food pet food from a continent that is the strictest standards on GMO and foods in the world.

Brit Feline Products
Have been developed of highly digestible hypo-allergenic ingredients chicken, salmon turkey and rice, that don’t burden the organism, or inhibit the creation of unwanted metabolic by-products. It creates an optimal internal environment. The composition has been balanced to support immunity, which will improve their health; eliminating the risk of serious disease.
Immunity support will balance the microflora supporting and strengthening it’s internal defence towards disease, with MOS , and fructo-oligosaccharides. Added nutrients and trace minerals improve and support the basic life function of your feline. Maintaining a healthy skin and coat, with it’s added omegas and fatty acids. Increasing dental care by optimizing kibble size and balancing the ratio of calciuk and phosphorus.
The combination of vitamin E and organic selenium create a protective barrier for cells, eliminating free radicals, increasing your pet’s health and life.
A balance of products help you determine which product is best suited for your cat.

As our lives become more stressed so does your dog’s. We have chosen a product that meets all the requirements for being a healthy food and have options for different dogs.
Brit is easily digested and hypo-allergenic coming from lamb, salmon, rice and potatoes. All ingredients are GMO free (where applicable) adding to the tolerance of the final product, preventing allergies, and increase immunity support.
A balance of amino acid is used for the good utilization of digested proteins. Maximizing the potential for the creation of tissue in the dog’s body from the digested amino acids.
A combination of special ingredients including FOS, MOS and Yucca, help support digestion, and the immune system. Yucca brings, vitamins, minerals, vitamin C, and iron, to the combination. It will help in ailments such as arthritis, and help regulate glucose levels.
The addition of salmon oil helps keep blood flowing, and mental alertness.
Known ingredients glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM and trace elements have been added to help in reducing arthritis, and cartilage damage.
Trace elements help digestion, skin, blood and reducing free radicals helping in living longer and healthier.
Known proteins Soy, Beef and Pork are not included for their ability to cause intestinal stress, and probability of allergies.
Brit Care has not GMO products and is produced from totally natural source ingredients.